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Details Nomenclatura-Clericalis-Or-the-Young-Clerks-Vocabulary-in-English-and-Latine-Being-a-Collection-of-Several-Useful-and-Necessary-Things-Digested-Heads-Very-Necessary-and-Useful-1685

Nomenclatura Clericalis, Or, the Young Clerk's Vocabulary in English and Latine Being a Collection of Several Useful and Necessary Things Digested Into Several Sections, Under Proper Heads, Very Necessary and Useful (1685) This book represents an ...

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Details On-Boolean-Functions-to-Resist-Algebraic-Attacks-Some-Necessary-Conditions

On Boolean Functions to Resist Algebraic Attacks Certain properties of Boolean functions that are necessary to resist algebraic attacks are discussed. A necessary condition to resist algebraic attacks is that the function f should not have relations ...

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Details A-Necessary-Husband

Necessary Husband Garrett Lynch, long lost heir of the Duke of Raynewood, bursts into the Raynewood ballroom like a wild man. It falls to Lucinda Devering to transform him into a proper Englishman. Lucinda may be the loveliest woman Garrett has ever ...

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Details By-Any-Beats-Necessary

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Details Necessary-Angels

.Label: Discovery Records.Published: 1994